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APPRENTICES WANTED Tutelage Paying Off for Trilogy

Apprenticeships aren’t only in the “trades” and manufacturing anymore.

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State Expects to Hit Work-Based Learning Goal

The Indiana Office of Work-Based Learning & Apprenticeship says it expects to hit a major goal by the end of the year.

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Training students for work
Internships, school credits could put careers in focus

Employers can do more to prime the workforce pump by training tomorrow's workers – beginning when students are in high school.

State official: Indiana must strengthen workforce
More than 1 million jobs must be filled in next 10 years

The No. 1 obstacle to business growth is a supply of human capital, said Darrel Zeck of Terre Haute, executive director of the state office of Work - Based Learning and Apprenticeship.

Op-ed: Work-based learning is all about opportunity

With more Hoosiers working than at any time in Indiana’s history, and with an unemployment rate of just 3.5 percent, the state continues to create more jobs than its Midwestern counterparts.